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Stylus XR is an AR/MR input device for head-mounted displays with the precision of a surgical instrument and the user-friendliness of a pen. The AR hardware is an extension of ARES and can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

AI-based tracking technology with millimeter accuracy. Ergonomic design to perform high-precision operations in AR, such as precise marking and measurement of objects. Use the environment as your personal canvas to draw and design fully interactive 3D holograms. Stylus XR is compatible with smart glasses such as Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and is available as an SDK.


PLA-12 stoßdämpfendes Gehäuse
Hochauflösende Infrarot-Kameras

Hololens 2 kompatible
Bluetooth 4.1 (aufrüstbar auf 5.x)

3.7V, 350mAh, 1.3Wh, Einzelzelle
5 Stunden kontinuierliche Nutzung und 35 Minuten Ladezeit
Wiederaufladbarer Lithiumlonen Akku

Punktgenauigkeit bis zu 3mm
IR-LED, 850nm Bereich
Edelstahl Spitze, 360°-Schwenk



1. Unboxing & Charging

Unbox your Stylus XR and make sure that Stylus XR and the head-mounted tracking unit (HMU) for Microsoft HoloLens 2 are both charged.



2. Activate Bluetooth

Make sure that on your HoloLens 2 device Bluetooth is activated.
Go to “Settings” > Devices and turn on Bluetooth.

3. Turn on your devices

Turn on your HMU by pressing the button on top of the unit and then turn on your Stylus XR by pressing the Back Button for a few seconds. The Status LED will turn on.

4. Mount HMU on HoloLens 2

Mount your HMU on your HoloLens 2 device by carefully pulling the two outer brackets slightly outwards.

5. Connect your HMU with your ‘Stylus XR’ application

Open the “Stylus XR” application on your HoloLens 2 device. The application is automatically searching for available HMUs in your area.  Once the application detects a HMU, use the Air Tap gesture to click on the detected device.
As soon as the HMU is connected, you’ll see the status Connected. You’ll also see information about the battery status as well as the name of the HMU.

6. Pairing of your Stylus XR and HMU

Pair your Stylus XR with your HMU. Check the list of all available Stylus XR devices and click on your displayed Stylus XR device. Once the Stylus XR vibrates the connection has been successful.
Please also check the Status LED of your Stylus XR:

Light Status
Blue, Blinking Stylus XR is turned on, but not connected
Blue, Steady Stylus XR is connected to HMU
Red, Steady  Firmware update in progress (users can manually choose to update, internet connection is required

7. Calibration & Configuration of your Stylus XR

To ensure an ideal experience, we recommend adjusting the calibration individually by each user.

Calibrate your Stylus XR by clicking on the Calibrate button in your Stylus XR application.
Follow the three steps in your Stylus XR application for calibrating the Stylus XR.
You are also able to adapt the Stylus XR to your right or left hand by clicking the respective buttons. The Ray of your Stylus XR directs to the corresponding side. These settings will be saved for this specific HMU.

Tip: Turn off your Stylus XR device by clicking both buttons at the same time.

Stylus XR is now can be used incompatible apps. For better understand, you could also watch the setup video.

Use Cases

Save resources waste and cost in Mechanical Engineering and Design Painting.

More precise for the medical prototype.

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