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Lynx is a humanoid robot made by Ubtech. Lynx is the first robot to use Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa software. Lynx has access to Amazon’s entire realm, it can play music, read messages, give specific product information and much more. Lynx can also be used as a security robot, as when the robot hears certain sounds it will record 30 second videos and send it to the corresponding smartphone.



12.2cm x 21.8cm x 44cm

up to 1 hour

through the app or with voice control

1080p, 180°

5 Microphones, 2x 40mm Speakers

Accelerometer, Gyroskop, Touch

16 GB


Gadget operation

Before you start using Lynx, we recommend that you install the “Lynx Robot” app on your phone. The app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. After you have installed the app and linked it to your Amazon account, you should plug it in and turn it on by holding down the power button (the blue button under its head.) Wait until Lynx is up and running and then pair it with your smartphone either via Bluetooth or WiFi. Then, follow further set up steps in the app.

Use Cases

There are two ways to speak to Lynx. You can either use the signal word “Alexa” or press Lynx’s head. At home, you can use it as a music player by saying, “Alexa play some music,” as an assistant, “Alexa, set an alarm for 7am” and as an information provider, “Alexa, what’s in the news today?” When in surveillance mode, Lynx can also record videos of moving objects and send them directly to your smartphone. When in avatar mode, the user can control Lynx themselves. Both modes can be controlled through the app. What’s more, Lynx can even teach the user some yoga moves.

In addition, Lynx can make videos of moving objects in Surveillance Mode and send them directly to a receiver smartphone. In avatar mode, the user can control the Lynx himself. Both modes can be controlled via the app. Lynx can also teach the user some yoga positions.

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